"Wealth, without security, is only a target. . ."

---Robert Brooks Authement; CEO: BRIQ | HAUS LTD.
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BRIQ | HAUS LTD. SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE intends to interface and contract with other services and professionals to create customized security solutions for our clients in the the four domains: physical, logistical, analytical, and digital. We strive to stay afield of real-time developments occurring in the field by aggressively pursuing research and implementation. Our security research is published in blogs and publications, and shared among colleagues. Focused solely on security as a subject of immediate and increasing need in the four domains, our team of information security and intelligence community professionals continually develop innovation in constant effort to stay ahead of the curve.


"Your negligence is our opportunity."

Briq Haus Ltd. Security & Intelligence intends to contract and interface with other services and professionals to create customized physical, logistical, analytical, and digital solutions for our clients while developing innovation at a physical headquarters. This is our mission statement, a principle to which our team of international information technology and intelligence community professionals adhere with the utmost confidence and dedication. Our combined skills and knowledge in the security realm are fueled by research, and powered by experience in the field. Whether your needs require research, investigation, security-as-a-service, infrastructural analysis, special operations, cloud or parallel computing, radio transmission, aerial or ground surveillance, anti-drone or radio jamming, penetration testing, or security redteam command, we got that handled. Listed below, for simplification, are our main three tiers of service which are immediately marketable to a majority of companies in all sectors.

“Perfect Security Suite”

As security professionals, we know one truth about security; that it is never invulnerable. And as such, we aim to create the “Perfect Security Suite” for you and your affiliates by listening closely to you and recording with precision your specific security concerns. Our analysts will methodically devise the most perfect fitting combination of solutions to protect your assets.

This would entail enumerating the specific security needs based upon the four domains of security and implementing a strategy, compiling the tools, and assigning the correct professional to handle your requirements. This is something our team at Briq Haus Ltd. can do with a high-powered surety of completion, while offering competitive pricing and term contract entirely customized to meet your needs.

While no security plan or design is invincible, contracting with Briq Haus Ltd. will ensure security services and analysis that we provide to you are absolutely perfect.


The future is now! Briq Haus Ltd. is now offering these new services at a high degree of confidence and immediate deployment. Productivity Services to assist you and your endeavor in integrating and utilizing the newest and most advanced technologies to enhance your business’s edge and competitive advantage in various markets. Agency Services to take the load off your already busy team, providing research and analysis and investigation into any topic, or target of your designation. And finally, advanced AI and black box systems Testing Services to ensure rigorous and robust performance in your newest products and features. You can trust that your system and products will be tested to the utmost thoroughness by one of our talented disruptive technology liaisons.

Briq Haus Ltd. has at the ready a team of tried and true security professionals ready and available to patch any vulnerabilities in your plan, and get you up to speed with the exact compliance guidelines and specifications you need to move forward with your project. Just let us know what you need, we’ll huddle up and devise the right approach and implementation to get you above and beyond the compliant requirements.

Staff & Management Training

This is where we foresee an overwhelming response to our efforts as security providers. The numbers are in, and a staggering 70% of employees (and employers!) in all sectors are lacking even the most basic security training. Security starts at the perimeter and extends into the very hearts of your staff and management; social engineering and the insider threat are very real and serious challenges in today’s dynamic security risk platform. Not only can we offer on site training for your own security team, in terms of intelligence community tradecraft in identifying inside threats, we can also produce videos to sell to your firm as per our contract.

Don’t be a victim to spear-phishing/dumptser-diving outsiders and tailgating/shoulder-surfing insiders. Contract with Briq Haus Ltd. Security & Intelligence right now, and take comfort in knowing that we are 100% expert in this field because we have all performed these nefarious deeds on a regular basis as part of our baseline security auditing process! You won’t need to worry about the bad guys if you hire us, because we’ll teach you and your team in a multi-layered tiered approach to raise the standard for your information and other security means. Our experience with local and Federal government and background in military and intelligence operations are our pledge of excellence.

Other Services

If you need it done, we can make it happen. We have the extensive networking which reaches into the Southeast Asian, Western European, Northern African, and Middle Eastern theatres. Listed above are what we foresee being our highest demands in terms of commercial applications, however for special work and contracting, please e-mail your case details and we’ll take care of you.


"We are limited by no challenges, 
            however we challenge every limit!"

BRIQ | HAUS LTD. SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE encourages you to pursue more knowledge about the field of security and history of the subject. Please feel free to click the link below to be transported to a collection of our field security research blog posts and articles.


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Lisavette’s experience as an investigative field journalist and physical security specialist has put her in the line of danger on more than one occasion. As such she can be considered a seasoned professional at all operations requiring that special aspect which only a female operative can provide in sensitive maneuvers. As a desert dweller, she claims hold of the American southwest from Los Angeles to Vegas. Her hobbies include photography with her Nikon P900 and indigenous geology.


Omer Osman is a highly spirited and adventurous operative working the Middle Eastern theatre. His home is Sudan, while business frequently requires traveling to Arabia and United Arab Emirates for meetings and conferences. His specialization is geodetic engineering toward mineral and oil harvesting operations. His languages are English and Arabic, in which he speaks both fluently. His experience as a Program Manager since 2001 provide Omer with the hypervisory perspective necessary to put large operations together and maintain secure protocols.


Waveman’s constant pursuit of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and telecommunications make him a valuable Nigerian asset to the Briq Haus Ltd. apparatus. His expertise includes mobile operating systems, computer and phone modification and repair, and security consultation. Running his own business, Waveman Solutions is an excellent means by which special operations can be handled in his local theater with the cover of authenticity.


Savage level IT tech wizard, Linux guru, and philosopher adept. Brian Taylor comprises the backbone of the Briq Haus Ltd. computer and digital operations. With experience in data center and security operations center, his contribution to the overall effort we make for your company will ensure rigorous and solid back up. He is the author of The Zealot’s Guide To Computer Security and operates his IT consultancy Always In Tao in Ohio, where he reinforces his own client’s cyber and web operations.


Mr. Halilaj has been selected as our Eastern Europe regional supervisor, and armed security operations specialist. His extensive training includes force protection and VIP bodyguard posts, requiring a keen sense of vigilance and responsibility. When the need for strong, agile, and resilient physical security plans arise, Mr. Halilaj provides trustworthy and tested expertise in the field. Additionally, he also speaks five languages.



Our new Indian branch manager uses his wide array of cybersecurity and DDoS prevention talents to support his various business operations in the Asian markets, including Shadow Net Hosting. Manal’s focus is laser precise and his business savvy is impeccable, a strong asset on our team.


X-Air Force 20590 aka Mike “Turbo” Turber provides logistical support in ways no one else can. His profession as an Electronic Intelligence Operations Superintendent with the military supplied his incredible depth of knowledge and professionalism, granting him authority in the esoteric realms of trade and field craft. Always prepared with a contingency plan, Mike has set forth recently a very strong foray into security analysis and investigation of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas. His business operations include motorcycle dealership and 5X5 News. Mike provides on-call logistical consultation and investigative services.