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Finding the right face for the right job. . .
. . .to be at the right place at the right time

Whether you are an actress, model, singer, or other highly talented person of interest, BRIQ | HAUS AGENCY has the tools and professional connections to help you be scene in no time. The process is simple for you. Call or email to book an appointment and discuss the direction in which you want to see your career go, and together we’ll book a photo shoot to take some initial head and body shots. The initial photo shoot will take place in public space, likely near downtown Fort Collins. The photos from this shoot will be used to comprise a model card for you, or other marketing material.

Payment happens when you are booked for paying gigs. BRIQ | HAUS AGENCY seeks paying work for you and markets your photos and other related material in advance of paying work, and at the time you are paid for a job our agency takes a percentage of your pay between 15-25%. Opportunities include modeling shows, exclusive marketing events, dancing for concerts, and VIP exotic production.

An initial contract will be signed to prevent cross-promotion and ensure your talent is best utilized by our agency, and to reinforce the terms of payment and negotiation. You will be required to submit two forms of valid identification along with a picture of your own face to verify age and name. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have whatsoever to help you understand the process.

(970) 689=9146