BRIQ | HAUS LTD. SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE intently focuses upon future security, and you can get access to our inner workings and current research prospectus by receiving a copy of the monthly INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING. In it we will discuss the present threat level of advanced persistent threats in the cybersecurity arena, whether it be Trojans and malware or state actors or criminal organizations. We will also glimpse into international strategic developments and market intelligence, insofar as it may have any affect on overseas business operations and deployments.

The subscription fee for our briefing is $6.99/month.


You might be interested to know that our INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING is included with enrollment in our $38 SPECIAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT. Do to the nature of this product, we request that you contact us directly either by emailing or calling us at (970)427-4884 to get set up.

Please note that the cost of theĀ $38 SPECIALĀ is only $38 monthly recurring for a period of one year, with a $100 one-time contracting fee.

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