Lisavette’s experience as an investigative field journalist and physical security specialist has put her in the line of danger on more than one occasion. As such she can be considered a seasoned professional at all operations requiring that special aspect which only a female operative can provide in sensitive maneuvers. As a desert dweller, she claims hold of the American southwest from Los Angeles to Vegas. Her hobbies include photography with her Nikon P900 and indigenous geology.

Omer Osman is a highly spirited and adventurous operative working the Middle Eastern theatre. His home is Sudan, while business frequently requires traveling to Arabia and United Arab Emirates for meetings and conferences. His specialization is geodetic engineering toward mineral and oil harvesting operations. His languages are English and Arabic, in which he speaks both fluently. His experience as a Program Manager since 2001 provide Omer with the hypervisory perspective necessary to put large operations together and maintain secure protocols.

Waveman’s constant pursuit of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and telecommunications make him a valuable Nigerian asset to the Briq Haus Ltd. apparatus. His expertise includes mobile operating systems, computer and phone modification and repair, and security consultation. Running his own business, Waveman Solutions is an excellent means by which special operations can be handled in his local theater with the cover of authenticity.

Savage level IT tech wizard, Linux guru, and philosopher adept. Brian Taylor comprises the backbone of the Briq Haus Ltd. computer and digital operations. With experience in data center and security operations center, his contribution to the overall effort we make for your company will ensure rigorous and solid back up. He is the author of The Zealot’s Guide To Computer Security and operates his IT consultancy¬†Always In Tao in Ohio, where he reinforces his own client’s cyber and web operations.

Mr. Halilaj has been selected as our Eastern Europe regional supervisor, and armed security operations specialist. His extensive training includes force protection and VIP bodyguard posts, requiring a keen sense of vigilance and responsibility. When the need for strong, agile, and resilient physical security plans arise, Mr. Halilaj provides trustworthy and tested expertise in the field. Additionally, he also speaks five languages.


Our new Indian branch manager uses his wide array of cybersecurity and DDoS prevention talents to support his various business operations in the Asian markets, including Shadow Net Hosting. Manal’s focus is laser precise and his business savvy is impeccable, a strong asset on our team.

X-Air Force 20590 aka Mike “Turbo” Turber provides logistical support in ways no one else can. His profession as an Electronic Intelligence Operations Superintendent with the military supplied his incredible depth of knowledge and professionalism, granting him authority in the esoteric realms of trade and field craft. Always prepared with a contingency plan, Mike has set forth recently a very strong foray into security analysis and investigation of the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas. His business operations include motorcycle dealership and 5X5 News. Mike provides on-call logistical consultation and investigative services.